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If you are already in the Financial Services Industry, and operating as an independent adviser, you can represent our investment products to your customers and earn a pretty penny.

Need new and varied property investment opportunities (with huge benefits) to present to your clients?   

Clients are always on the lookout for great new opportunities, getting in on ours, is money in your pocket.

Property investment portfolio on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, with the perks of EU Citizenship, EU Education, tax benefits, passive income, a second option for a fresh start for families, should they wish to indulge in a peaceful island lifestyle.

Quality Group collaborates and works with many partners and their clients; including financial and estate planning advisors, immigration, tax & accountant practitioners and property agents and developers (commercial/residential) to help build and protect their client’s wealth.

All our partners are well remunerated for referrals and for working together.

Quality Group South Africa is compliant with local regulatory bodies.

What is not to like?

Citizenship in the EU

Cyprus offers the quickest, most assured route, through the EU-Cypriot citizenship by investment program. Ideal for high net worth individuals seeking fast & efficient options to a European passport.


Education in the EU

A marvellous, additional benefit; students can evolve into EU Citizenship with huge career opportunities for graduates, through Permanent Cyprus Residency obtained by investment in property.


Financial Benefits

Quality Group assist clients and investors through every step of the process; from sourcing prime beach-side locations or investment property to maximizing passive income options.


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